Elevate Your Camping Experience With Hammock Camping Gear

Hammock camping has risen in popularity in recent years for many reasons. Hammocks get you off the ground, saving you from discovering mysterious roots digging into your back or moisture from the ground seeping up through the floors or your tent. For weight-conscious backpackers, Hammock Camping Gear saves precious pounds and space in packs, making it superior to traditional tent setups.

Custom Hammocks to Fit Your Style

The Teton Hammock Company is producing incredible, high-quality, handmade Hammock Gears meant for taking on serious outdoor adventures right here in the USA. Their hammocks are made of special nylon which is more durable than traditional ripstop, in addition to being softer to the touch, a major bonus when you’re looking to fall asleep comfortably after a strenuous day on the trails. You can choose from one of their five ready-made colorways or create your own custom hammock with your choice of base and thread colors.

A Bug-Free Hang

Some models of Teton Hammock Company’s hammocks come with built-in bug netting, a must to stay safe and bite-free when camping overnight. A zip-on design means you’re saved from cinching holes that may loosen and allow unwelcome six- and eight-legged critters to join you in your hammock. Because the zippers attach to the hammock along its long edge, you have easier access getting in and out of your hammock than most industry bug nets offer. If you prefer to have open-air or find that your site isn’t particularly plagued by insects, the netting is also removable.

Rain or Snow or Shine

Not afraid of camping in the rain or snow, but worried that hammock camping doesn’t provide the same protection from the elements as a tent? Teton Hammock Company also makes Hammock Tarps to furnish you with year-round protection. Both three- and four-season models are made with a special polyester fabric that is not prone to stretching when wet, which means that these tarps will hold their shape and stay in place in the face of inclement weather. The four-season models offer additional protection with doors that fold over each other on either end, fully sealing your hammock away from precipitation whether it’s falling down or practically raining sideways. The tarps also feature reinforced corners for their guy lines and add-on options for your ridgeline system that include different kinds of hardware to properly center and tension your tarp.

With real-world-tested products that have proven they can stand up to true outdoor conditions, Teton Hammock Company belongs on the gear list of anyone looking to get into the hammock camping scene or for experienced hammock campers looking to upgrade their system.